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Our Products


Phoenix Cables Inc. has been providing interconnect solutions to a wide variety of OEM's since 1989. Initially launched as a local supplier to Digital Equipment Corp. in Aguadilla, PR, Phoenix Cables soon became a manufacturer of cable assemblies to several major OEM's. Phoenix later added injection molding to its mix of services and is now recognized as an industry leader, supplying quality cable assemblies to a diverse marketplace. Check out some of our products below.


RF Assemblies

Phoenix Cables Inc. has been building high quality customized microwave and RF cable assemblies to meet the needs of our customers since 1990. We manufacture low loss, high performance, as well as ruggedized assemblies suitable for production environments. Standard and custom flexible cable assemblies are available with all RG Type Cables. We also manufacturer cable assemblies using industry standard cables such as LMR cable and application-specific cables. Virtually all connector series and combinations are offered, consistent with the size of the cable selected.

  • BNC connectors

  • TNC connectors

  • UHF connectors

  • N connectors

  • SMA connectors

  • Semi-Rigid Assemblies


Flat Ribbon Assemblies

Phoenix Cables Inc. manufacturers ribbon cable assemblies for various industries from consumer goods to industrial applications. Custom ribbon assemblies manufactured by Phoenix Cables include but are not limited to:

  • Flat Ribbon Cable

  • Jacketed and Shielded

  • Custom Twisted

  • High Speed

  • High Flex

  • Color Coded - Non-PVC

  • Slit


Complex Harness Assemblies

Phoenix Cables Provides Complex Custom Cable and Harness Assemblies for:

  • Audio

  • Automation

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Consumer

  • Data Networking

  • Electronics

  • Medical

  • Research & Development

  • Sensors

  • Test & Instrument


Over-molded Assemblies

Injection molding has been one of the most important fabrication tools for the plastics industry since 1956. Today, it's almost impossible to do anything without using injection molded parts as they are used in virtually every aspect of our lives today. The injection molding process involves melting the plastic in an extruder and using the extruder to inject the plastic into a mold, where it is then cooled.
Have a product that requires injection over-molding such as a strain-relief, wire/cable junction, connector shell, etc.? We can take an existing product and create a modular mold cavity that will mount into our bases, or in many cases we can adapt your existing cavities to be run in our machines. Our mold cavities are designed to minimize tooling set-up and breakdown times, thereby reducing the cost to produce your product. Maybe you have an application that you would like to design a molded component for or possibly you have an existing concept that you would like to develop. We can work with you to design and develop your molded product.



Braided sleeving is one of the best ways to cover and protect your wires. Phoenix has the capacity to braid with copper wire for cable grounding as well as with nylon for cable protection.


Box Builds

Box Build Assembly Services include:

  •  Product Assembly

  •  Testing including Functional & Final

  •  Packaging & Labeling including Bar Code


Power Cables

- Custom Power Cords
- High Current Applications
- International Applications
- Battery Cables
- Jumper Assemblies

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